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“I saw Roddy on SKY News and by coincidence my accountant introduced us the very next week………  I like the personal feel at Kohn Cougar.  I can always get hold of one of the team to chat something through.  Over the years they have always reacted quickly and sensitively to our changing needs “

Mike Chelton

Retired Director of CSM IMPACT, client since 1994

“The team have wisely invested the fund, been attentive to the charitable status of the fund and provided clear, timely advice “

Colin Port

Retired Chief Constable, Avon and Somerset Constabulary

“That’s an astonishing performance, if you can manage that for the next 2-3 years I can retire “

Bernard Davis

“ Your explanations in lay terms do a lot to make me feel reassured about the way you are investing my money for me “

Anne Marie Shutte

Real testimonials: Testimonial

"Our Clients are our best Advertisement"

We continually look to gather as much feedback from our clients as possible.


We strongly believe working in partnership with a client can maximise the outcome of the working relationship and achieve the objectives in place.

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