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A Message from our Managing Director -


Welcome to KohnCougar.


One of the industry tricks these days is to deliberately make investors like you feel insecure, unsafe, vulnerable or create doubt in your mind that you will be ripped off!


So allow me to be clear:


  • We charge REASONABLE fees for the expertise we offer (50 years+)

  • We are HIGHLY qualified

  • Our endorsements are from REAL clients...not from "Mrs T of Billericay"


We can offer you 3 options:


1. Financial Planning : Fees range from £250 - £1,500. The actual amount is ALWAYS disclosed to you up front & in writing.

2. Investment Management : 0.6% of the amount to be invested. Example : £100,000 x 0.6% = £600 per annum. 

3. Wealth Management : This is our bespoke tax financial planning and portfolio management "all in one service" for a fixed fee.


Fee Guarantee : We are so confident our fees are amongst the lowest in the industry that we will beat any other Robot Service / D.I.Y online investment platform or Bank for the same service! That covers 95% of what’s out there.


Fair, Open & Transparent : We think we are very good at what we do. If you read what our clients say (see the mystery button “?”) you'll begin to understand why we want our client relationships for life. Try us your initial meeting is FREE. 


Thank you for considering KohnCougar. I hope to meet you soon.


Yours sincerely 


Roddy Kohn

Managing Director


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